I actually got a couple hours of sleep last night, but it has been raining all day, so I decided to take a stroll around Barcelona in the somewhat unusual weather. I had a couple shots left on my 35mm film camera and I wanted to finish off the roll by shooting Barcelona in the rain. Wet surfaces and reflections can give photos an interesting look, plus no one really sees many photos of the warm Mediterranean metropolis in the rain.  I also wanted to examine bike use during a sustained rain event, since this is the longest I have experienced while living here. 

Anyway, I left the apartment with no real destination. After a couple seconds of thought, I had a hunch that the beach might be pretty cool in the given situation. I assumed there would be no people and it would just be a quiet, wet scene. There were a lot less people on the streets already, due to the rain and it being 10 degrees Celsius. As soon as I rounded the corner around the last row of buildings alongside La Barceloneta, the wind and rain picked up substantially and most of the street trees on the beach looked like they may break in half. One already had before I got there. The waves were 10ft plus tall and there were a bunch of wind surfers taking advantage of the weather as well. There was so much rain, sand, leaves, wind and mist, but a surprising amount of people were present. It wasn’t crowded like a warm summer day, but I was still surprised.

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