PictureRandom Site #1 on the Diagonal
For my main study, I am looking at a combination of site inventory/analysis, data interpretation, and experiential techniques to get a well rounded knowledge of the Bicycle Transportation System here in Barcelona. I have not decided exactly how many sites I will be studying, but I do know that I want them to be a combination of chosen and random in order to see the better and perhaps less optimal sides of Barcelona from a bicyclists point of view. 

I have been busy riding around the city and interpreting map-based and Bicing (public transportation via bicycle) rental data, but I have been slacking on site inventory and analysis. Today I picked two random sites by laying a large map of Barcelona on my floor and dropping two small rocks (from the Pyrenees) on it. Whichever location the most prominent point of the rock was pointing to is now another site for me to study.
Random Site #2, right near our apartment!

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