Last weekend I shot a roll of black and white Tri-X film and a roll of Kodak Color film. Abiding by the save the best for last principle, here are three photos from the color roll. I actually really wish the first two were shot in black and white as well, for more texture and more of a sense of timelessness. I wanted to stay away from the typical mountain vistas for this post; those are magnificent but too common. 

Photo 1: The cable hook driven into the bedrock is symbolically strong. The Molieres Refuge Hut survives avalanches, high winds, and other extreme alpine conditions at 2390m. Eleven of these metal cables secure the small edifice.

Photo 2: Instead of showing strength, this photo shows the continuous death and life in a forest with the decomposing tree trunk. I also like the composition of this photo with the tree off-center. 

Photo 3: I included this photo simply because it looks identical to a painting you would find by Thomas Cole of the Catskills. It is just a tad out of focus so the foliage and water look like they could have been painted.
Check out the first Friday Foto Feature below:

10/11/2013 21:08

Nice name drop on the third picture ;)


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