HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Lyndsey & her family joined us for some tapas the night before Thanksgiving. As part of my first field study I have been following recipes out of a Spanish cookbook. Translating ingredients and the directions of preparation to make sure each dish comes out looking and tasting the way they're supposed to! Lynds and her family tasted and critiqued these two fun recipes. Melon balls marinated in a sublime white wine, lemon, and mint sauce, with a hint of proscuitto for additional flavor. This was the first of the tapas they tried. Secondly, I brought out dainty finger sandwiches. These sandwiches were filled with a rich cream cheese, tomato, chive, and lemon spread, arranged on a thin slice of avocado. Both turned out quite good && everyone ended up going back for more!

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    Olivia     Bennett

    Hi! I'm studying the reclamation of Barcelona's derelict industrial sites as public open spaces. 

    Study    question

    Barcelona addresses post-industrial sites within its urban landscapes. How have they transformed or redefined these sites as new spaces & to what effect ?


    + Jardins de Tres Xemeneies
    + Parc de Joan Miro
    + Parc del Clot
    + Parc de la Central Poblenou
    + Parc de l'Espanya Industrial