Cello is her name, and she is the bartender at Paddocks Irish Pub. We are addicted to going there because she and the other workers are helping us with our spanish skills! She is the most helpful by far because she spends a lot of time talking and joking around with us. She is pretty good at english, so if I am trying to say something in Spanish I am unsure of, she is usually able to translate it for me so I can slowly learn. This is a great opportunity for us to converse with the locals, get some advice that we wouldn't otherwise get, drink classic Spanish beer, and eat the tasty Tapas at the bar! We are already considered regulars. 

(For the record, she is standing on her tippy toes for the photo!)



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    Everyone is a pedestrian, including you! 

    As a lifelong resident of Syracuse, NY, I have grown up in an automobile world with little sense of pedestrian culture.

    Here in Barcelona, the city has an extreme level of pedestrian culture! I will be taking a look at the design  of various urban streets and how their physical form affects pedestrian behavior. 

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    How do the physical elements of urban streets influence pedestrian behavior, as well as create a walkable environment while interacting with vehicles and bicycle riders in Barcelona?  


    1. Gran Via de les Cortes
    2. Carrer de Comte
    3. Carrer de la Cera
    4. Carrer de l'Hospitat
    5. Rambla del Raval
    6. Carrer de Sant Oleguer
    7. Avengida de les