Home cooking is an important skill that I will get better at as the semester goes on, especially since I don't want to spend all my money eating out. 

So with this in mind, I scoured three different markets to find cooking sauce. I wasn't able to find anything except for mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and Tabasco. Despite my failure, the cooking had to go on! At a glance the dish looks like it would taste alright, but it was bland as can be! It got worse after a desperate sprinkle, or three, of Tabasco sauce. Needless to say, I set the bar very low for myself. 

(Now accepting easy recipes and cooking tips in a foreign country)



Kathy Miller
09/04/2013 7:53pm

Thanks for posting your photos and comments. Barcelona looks beautiful, and your study has lots of possibilities. As for the cooking, all of us had to start somewhere with cooking. I had many bland (and some worse than bland) meals when I was younger. As with most things, practice (and good recipes) makes it all easier.

Bruce Holstein
09/17/2013 8:02pm

Zach, luv the photos, keep sending the great shots. Cooking is all about trial, error and experimenting. You have world famous Spanish "Jamón ibérico" ham in your back yard!! Get the butcher to cut thin slices of the best pork on earth, wildly aoromatic, floral and smoked. Hard to find in America. Try making a sauce by adding it to crushed red tomatoes, garilic, peppers, onion, basil, olive oil, little sugar. Pour the sauce and choped Iberico over spanish "Bomba" rice (not pasta). Simple dish. The best way to eat Iberico is placed over tosted french bread, some spanish olives, and Spanish Monchego cheese. Have some red wine with it or beer and knock your socks off! Your location is famous for fresh fish. Go to the fish market, get a filet, sear it in crushed garlic, olive oil, pepper salt, lemon and if you can find some fresh rosemary, (chop it up and add small amount). Let the fish cook through, flip once, remove the fish for plating, pour the sauce over the fish, gobble it up, it all about fresh! Work hard, play hard, eat Spain!

09/17/2013 8:20pm

Oh, one more! Order some Cherizo from the butcher. Its spicy, nutty and smoked sausage, again world famous. No, it's not kosher! Now, slice it up, put it in a hot pan, mix in small diced potatoes, onion, mushroom, cook it down to soft, add couple scrambled eggs, bake it on the oven for few minutes. You've got a spicy rockin egg treat for late night or brunch. I'll comin to try it!


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