PictureSource: Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya
As I mentioned in the criteria list for site selection in my earlier post, one of my main goals is to study pedestrians in the old city as well as the newer development. I have come across a great webpage that summarizes the evolution of the urban planning here in Barcelona quite well. It goes back to the Romans all the way up until the last decade. If you are interested in reading through this brief, and dazzling, summary, you can click on the button below. 

As you can see from the image above, there is a stark difference between the old city and the grid system. Our apartment is conveniently located exactly on that divide in a neighborhood called "El Raval." For a city that began before the age of automobiles, pedestrian usage was always, and still is, a priority. Nowadays, there is a matrix of pedestrians, automobiles, and bicycles using these streets together, causing interesting interaction. (Please see Nate and Will's pages for their studies on these two aspects of Barcelona's transportation network) 

The key to my study is to see how that interaction changes at each of these sites, specifically from a pedestrian's perspective. I will be a part time observer looking in, and part time performer of social experiments. I am curious to see what types of behavior changes I find, if any, as I go through the sequence of sites. Stay tuned for results within the coming months. Patience, all in due time!



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    Everyone is a pedestrian, including you! 

    As a lifelong resident of Syracuse, NY, I have grown up in an automobile world with little sense of pedestrian culture.

    Here in Barcelona, the city has an extreme level of pedestrian culture! I will be taking a look at the design  of various urban streets and how their physical form affects pedestrian behavior. 

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    How do the physical elements of urban streets influence pedestrian behavior, as well as create a walkable environment while interacting with vehicles and bicycle riders in Barcelona?  


    1. Gran Via de les Cortes
    2. Carrer de Comte
    3. Carrer de la Cera
    4. Carrer de l'Hospitat
    5. Rambla del Raval
    6. Carrer de Sant Oleguer
    7. Avengida de les