The forecast for tomorrow will be quite interesting here in Barcelona. While us Americans will be remembering the events 12 years ago on 9/11, the Catalonians will coincidentally be in the streets celebrating National Day of Catalonia which started back in 1886! This year is important because the politics for independence have become more heated, especially since last years rejection by Spanish Government to hold a vote. Should be an interesting experience.

The flag you see in the photo is the independence flag. Normally, the Catalonia flag is just the red and yellow stripes, but the blue triangle and star represent independence. 



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    Everyone is a pedestrian, including you! 

    As a lifelong resident of Syracuse, NY, I have grown up in an automobile world with little sense of pedestrian culture.

    Here in Barcelona, the city has an extreme level of pedestrian culture! I will be taking a look at the design  of various urban streets and how their physical form affects pedestrian behavior. 

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    How do the physical elements of urban streets influence pedestrian behavior, as well as create a walkable environment while interacting with vehicles and bicycle riders in Barcelona?  


    1. Gran Via de les Cortes
    2. Carrer de Comte
    3. Carrer de la Cera
    4. Carrer de l'Hospitat
    5. Rambla del Raval
    6. Carrer de Sant Oleguer
    7. Avengida de les