Every morning, I check a couple BMX websites to find out what's new and watch a couple web-videos to help myself wake up. This morning, I went to a popular blog-style website called The Come Up and saw the photo above in their "Photo of the Week" segment. I immediately remembered the scene. 
This photo was shot in Liverpool, NY maybe a year ago. The photographer, Mario Martin-Alciati, took the photo from afar, capturing the whole scene. He shot this with his Cannon AE-1 film camera. A friend of mine, Jack Hartje, is the man on the BMX bike, jumping the motorcycles as they burn-out. In true BMX fashion, Jack's idea behind the photo was to capture Fire, Beer, and Mayhem. A popular BMX company from Binghamton, FBM, sometimes goes by this mantra. I am trying to film the scene on my phone, standing next to the gas tank. Next to me, my friend Korey is shooting a photo with his Nikon D7000 DSLR Digital Camera, explaining the flashes scattered about.
Taken a few minutes after Mario's photo, here is Korey's take on the scene.
Mario is from Spain and Korey has a crazy job protecting America from missile attack. They both travel a lot. Korey is currently in Kazakhstan. Both Mario and Korey are experienced photographers, much more than myself. Check out more of their work below.

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