For today, I have decided to record the amount of bicycles available and open bicycle parking spots at Bicing Rental Stations around the city. Bicing is a bike rental program run by the City of Barcelona aimed at providing cheap rental services to local inhabitants, not tourists. City officials didn't want to interfere with the bicycle tourism economy, so in order to get a subscription to Bicing, you need to have a spanish bank account. However, with the help of an app for smartphones that is free and designed to help Bicing subscribers find bikes, I was able to keep track of this information from our apartment using our wifi. Every three hours today, I will record this information in my notebook. It being a Tuesday, this data will provide insight into midweek bicycle rental use. I will also go through the same procedure on a future weekend day to compare.

I started recording the data at 0:00 (midnight) at 10 randomly chosen stations all around the city. Since I have to record the information every three hours, I decided to continue watching a TV show I recently got into, Game of Thrones. Once the sun began to rise, I ran to Montjuic to get a new perspective of the morning light spreading over the city. Although not a far run at just under 5km roundtrip, running up all the stairs to the castle really gets your heart pumping.



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