Ruben Alcantara is a legend within the BMX community. He has been a major pioneer of the sport in the past twenty years and continues to ride at a very high level in the his late 30s. Ruben is also from Spain and recently became involved with the design of bike and skate parks. It seems very fitting for such a high-level athlete to become involved with the design process of the medium on which he performs. 

Ruben and Architect Aitor Veguillas teamed up to design a new concrete park in Malaga that was just recently finished. I follow Ruben on Instagram and have seen many photos of this park during its construction over the past 6 months. The park is very inventive with a "wave" feature that I have never seen before. The professional athlete and architect duo have started their own company called Soulparks. I can only imagine this duo to do big things throughout Europe in the future. 
Looks like it is absolutely mandatory for me to bring my bike to southern Spain when we go there in November......


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