PictureThe Paulaner Hefeweizen Draft was a favorite
Paddock is an awesome pub just up the street from us. The bartenders are bilingual, so we have begun to dabble in conversational Castilian Spanish. The only significant words I have take away are "tirador", meaning draft, and "trigo", meaning wheat beer. Another rad aspect of this bar is that it's a biker bar (the type with an engine). There is an Isle of Man poster, race memorabilia, and the tap looked as if was a retrofitted Yamaha engine! Make sure to take a look at the photos at the end for that. The bartender even stated that televised races at the pub are comparable to a football game at a sports pub in the states. The next one is "15 days away", can't wait!

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Yamaha engine tap
The bartender told me to do this for a photo, I swear.

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