The video below is hilarious, so I strongly suggest that you watch it solely based on that. However, this is also a true and somewhat sad story, with over 9 million views. 
This would never happen in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Portland, or any other bicycle-oriented city. This story proves the significance social acceptance has on the functionality of bikes as a serious means of transportation within a cultural context. NYC just installed a bike-share system about the same size as Barcelona's and it has already become popular. The dynamics of many street-scapes in NYC will change quickly due to the increased prevalence of bicycles and therefore bicycle routes. 

Since a bicycle system can only be understood based on it's context, my project will be recorded phenomenologically, i.e. by observation seeking to understand rather than explain a particular phenomenon. That means no normative words and lots of qualitative notes. Only after organizing and analyzing these notes will I be able to make more educated generalizations of the Barcelona bike system.


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