On select Fridays, I am going to upload one to three photos with brief descriptions. 

Today I got back my Kodak Tri-X 400 film from Fotoprix, not far from Placa De Catalunya. Shooting with film is much more rewarding to me since you have to think about the composition of every shot and you don't know how the photo will turn out until the roll is developed. There is also a limited amount of exposures on each roll of film and therefore each shot is relatively expensive, especially compared to rapid firing with a digital camera or iPhone (however I am sometimes guilty of that too). 
Photo 1: This was one of the first photos I shot on this roll of film. My BMX bike sits perfectly on our living-room balcony and I wanted to focus more on the bike and less on the street-scape background. The white stickers really pop out of my frame and fork and you can notice my boxers drying on the railing behind my bike since we currently have no washer or dryer. There is also a nice contrast from the over exposure and out-of-focus at the top left of the photo to a darker and more focused lower right. 

Photo 2: This is my favorite spot I have ridden on my BMX bike so far. It has ledges, a bit of transition, and usually has a wide open runway to pedal full-speed. Many spots in Barcelona are too crowded to ride unless you get there before noon, otherwise you will run into pedestrians. This was taken at Park De L'Espanya Industrial (see the previous Instagram Video). I met some Spanish riders here and helped one of them change a flat tire since I had some tools and a patch kit with me. Only one, Marc, spoke fluent English. As for composition, I tried to get the bicyclists about one-third up the photo and the metal sculpture about two-thirds up the photo.


Photo 3:
This was one of the last photos I took on this roll at Park De L'Espanya Industrial. I like the action of catching Zach in mid-air and I am constantly trying to follow the rule of thirds. However, I wish I had Zach framed a little better by the break in the tree trunks in the background. Click the photo for the bigger version. 


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