Yesterday morning while viewing Tibidabo from a balcony in Gracia, I decided it was to be the day to climb up to the Cathedral. I went back to my apartment to meet Ian and grab the bikes, and then we quickly headed out. 

We took the L3 metro from the Parallel stop up to Penitents, located directly between Park Guell and Tibidabo. From there we climbed the narrow winding roads via bicycle towards the summit of Tibidabo. We reached a point where the road turned into a much steeper trail, so we locked up the bikes to a metal sign and continued on-foot. We ended up taking a shortcut and bushwhacking through thorn bushes until we reached the main road at the summit. 

Tibidabo is an amazing place. The view is even better than the mountain on the edge of Park Guell. It was a clear day so we could see the start of the Catalan Pyrenees to the Northeast, Montserrat to the Northwest, and many surrounding cities in addition to having an incredible view of Barcelona to the East.
The Cathedral was also very impressive, especially being at the summit of the highest point immediately surrounding Barcelona. In Latin, tibi is translated as “to you” and dabo is a present tense verb meaning “I give”. Therefore, Tibidabo means, “I give to you”, which were words said by Jesus, according to the Catholic faith. 

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