PictureView from where I locked my bicycle
The past two mornings I have been determined to watch the sunrise on the beach about 2 miles from our apartment. This morning I was successful and after bicycling to the boardwalk, I was able to run along the waterfront as the sun rose. Being a Monday at 7am, there were only a few people out and I was able to explore some new areas on the northernmost area of the beach. This is the second time I have ran this 6-mile roundtrip stretch. The boardwalk is an integral system, allowing runners, bicyclists, tourists, and maintenance vehicles to travel. The bikeway is part of a green loop that goes around the whole city. There are also two simple workout stations along the way so people can do calisthenic-type workouts. These are often used and are a big reason why I won't need a gym membership while here. Also along the boardwalk are two small concrete skate/BMX parks. The beach area stretching from La Barcelonetta to the tiled sea walls/Forum area truly has a little bit of everything.

French Canadian friend, Keven, riding the sea walls