Manifestations of culture are created when individuals living together think and plan consciously. This often develops social relationships and ideas that modify the environment. These social relationships produce an interconnected network made up of knowledge, beliefs, art, morals, law, customs, language, and habits. Their integration into everyday life has resulted in a range of meanings that we associate with places, buildings, people, spaces, landscapes, etc. 'Places, buildings, and spaces are felt throughout the world to have culture-specific meanings and functions.' As we are 'makers' of our own worlds,  we have made culture a way of life.  
-'Analyzing Cultures | An Introduction & Handbook'

I have chosen several post-industrial sites that have been transformed into public spaces. Each site's integration into the urban fabric and existing cultural codes/expressions associated with them will explain their function as a public space. The culture-specific meanings of these places will be determined by the shape, size, features, location, materials, uses, vegetation, and people that are found there. These attributes will develop a series of public spatial codes, this has a lot to do with what individuals use this  space for, whether it be entertainment, recreation, celebration, leisure, etc. Culture is infused into these spaces, particularly because of the existing industrial remains that are found there today. Traces of Barcelona's industrial past are highlighted to give character and a sense of remembrance of the past. Although the significance and function of these spaces has changed they posses a different sense of validity or importance within the present urban landscape.
PictureMosaic from Park Guell, Architect Antonio Gaudi
Public art is one way culture is expressed in many communities. In the Tres Xemeneies Gardens local graffiti artists are encouraged to design a series of slabs across the back of the park. 

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    Olivia     Bennett

    Hi! I'm studying the reclamation of Barcelona's derelict industrial sites as public open spaces. 

    Study    question

    Barcelona addresses post-industrial sites within its urban landscapes. How have they transformed or redefined these sites as new spaces & to what effect ?


    + Jardins de Tres Xemeneies
    + Parc de Joan Miro
    + Parc del Clot
    + Parc de la Central Poblenou
    + Parc de l'Espanya Industrial