Our professor, Tony Miller, has finally arrived, along with some of his family! We met them at a tapas restaurant, called Taller de Tapas. It was the first time any of us had actually tried a few tapas since being here in Barcelona. I ordered a Rocket Salad with goat cheese, Spanish jelly, with a balsamic dressing, along with some sautéed wild seasonal mushrooms. Delicious! By the time all our tapas arrived we had a full table of different appetizers. Among them included: fried artichoke shavings, grilled squid, patatas bravos, hamburguesas, fried calamari, fried prawns, Catalan stew, and traditional Catalan croquettes. The waiter was nice enough to suggest his favorite red wine for Lyndsey and I. He offered to pay for it if we didn't end up liking it, lucky for him we did. It was wonderful catching up with Tony, and talking with his family. Tomorrow afternoon will be the start of our individual meetings with him.

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    Olivia     Bennett

    Hi! I'm studying the reclamation of Barcelona's derelict industrial sites as public open spaces. 

    Study    question

    Barcelona addresses post-industrial sites within its urban landscapes. How have they transformed or redefined these sites as new spaces & to what effect ?


    + Jardins de Tres Xemeneies
    + Parc de Joan Miro
    + Parc del Clot
    + Parc de la Central Poblenou
    + Parc de l'Espanya Industrial