Writing postcards to friends && family-- bet you don't know which one is yours! Each one was selected especially for who I am sending it to. I love sending letters... so each of you can hold a piece of Barcelona & read about what I'm experiencing while I'm studying here. There will be many more to come so continue checking your mail everyday ! I will be sending this batch out tomorrow so keep a look out this next week! Buenos noches mi amigos!

lisa karl

Hi Olivia,
This is a great blog! Looks so beautiful there. Glad that you are enjoying yourself.


Thanks Lisa! It is so beautiful here and sunny everyday! It's great experience. Hope to hear from you again soon!


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    Olivia     Bennett

    Hi! I'm studying the reclamation of Barcelona's derelict industrial sites as public open spaces. 

    Study    question

    Barcelona addresses post-industrial sites within its urban landscapes. How have they transformed or redefined these sites as new spaces & to what effect ?


    + Jardins de Tres Xemeneies
    + Parc de Joan Miro
    + Parc del Clot
    + Parc de la Central Poblenou
    + Parc de l'Espanya Industrial