1. Use an 8.5" x 11" sheet of card stock. Watercolor the entire sheet with whatever color you like.
2. Let dry. Cut paper into varying size squares. Cut each corner off each of the squares so the tips are round.
3. Use a pencil to draw a spiral on each square starting from the outside into the middle.
4. Use scissors to cut along the line you have just drawn.
5. Once you have cut out the spiral, crumple the paper to loosen its fibers. This will make the paper easier to work with.
6. Using the outside most piece of the spiral begin to roll it up and continue until you have rolled all the way to the center.
7. Push the edges out as you go to make the spiral look more flower like. 
8. Once you have finished the spiral let it loosen a bit... It will not unravel if you happen to let go. 
9. For the desired effect, determine how tightly spiraled you want your flower and secure with some glue or tape.
10. Enjoy!

Hint: To spruce up your flowers a bit you may add a little glue on the tips and add glitter!
9/7/2013 01:32:43

I love them Flowers !!!! I will do them with my students. Love the fat cat mosaic too. Keep taking photos of the art in Barcelona and I will show it to my students!

9/8/2013 22:36:34

Will do! More to come !
Love you


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