Writing postcards to friends && family-- bet you don't know which one is yours! Each one was selected especially for who I am sending it to. I love sending letters... so each of you can hold a piece of Barcelona & read about what I'm experiencing while I'm studying here. There will be many more to come so continue checking your mail everyday ! I will be sending this batch out tomorrow so keep a look out this next week! Buenos noches mi amigos!



lisa karl
09/05/2013 12:24pm

Hi Olivia,
This is a great blog! Looks so beautiful there. Glad that you are enjoying yourself.

09/06/2013 6:51am

Thanks Lisa! It is so beautiful here and sunny everyday! It's great experience. Hope to hear from you again soon!


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    Olivia     Bennett

    Hi! I'm studying the reclamation of Barcelona's derelict industrial sites as public open spaces. 

    Study    question

    Barcelona addresses post-industrial sites within its urban landscapes. How have they transformed or redefined these sites as new spaces & to what effect ?


    + Jardins de Tres Xemeneies
    + Parc de Joan Miro
    + Parc del Clot
    + Parc de la Central Poblenou
    + Parc de l'Espanya Industrial